Striim 3.9.4 / 3.9.5 documentation

MySQLReader properties

Before you can use this adapter, the tasks described in MySQL setup and in Installing the MySQL JDBC driver must be completed.

Striim provides templates for creating applications that read from MySQL and write to various targets. See Creating a new application using a template for details.

The adapter properties are:



default value



java. lang. Boolean


Set to True when the output of a MySQLReader source is the input of a Notes on writing to Cassandra with DatabaseWriter target.

When replicating data from one MySQL instance to another, when a table contains a column of type FLOAT, updates and deletes may fail with messages in the log including "Could not find appropriate handler for SqlType." Setting Compression to True may resolve this issue. If the table's primary key is of type FLOAT, to resolve the issue you may need to change the primary key column type in MySQL.

Connection Retry Policy

java. lang. String

retryInterval=30, maxRetries=3

The connection retry policy includes retryInterval and maxRetries. With the default setting, if a connection attempt is unsuccessful, the adapter will try again in 30 seconds (retryInterval. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, in 30 seconds it will try a third time (maxRetries). If that is unsuccessful, the adapter will fail and log an exception. Negative values are not supported.

Connection URL

java. lang. String

mysql:// followed by the MySQL server's IP address or network name, optionally a colon and the port number (if not specified, port 3306 is used), and optionally a slash followed by the database name.


java. lang. String

the name of the database containing the tables (may be omitted if specified in Tables or ConnectionURL)

Excluded Tables

java. lang. String

Change data for any tables specified here will not be returned. For example, if Tables uses a wildcard, data from any tables specified here will be omitted. Multiple table names and wildcards may be used as for Tables.

Filter Transaction Boundaries

java. lang. Boolean


With the default value of True, begin and commit transactions are filtered out. Set to False to include begin and commit transactions.


com. webaction. security. Password

the password specified for the username (see Encrypted passwords)

Send Before Image

java. lang. Boolean


set to False to omit before data from output

Start Timestamp

java. lang. String


With the default value of null, only new (based on current system time) transactions are read. If a timestamp is specified, transactions that began after that time are also read. The format is DD-MON-YYYY HH:MI:SS. For example, to start at 5:00 pm on July 15, 2017, specify 15-JUL-2017 17:00:00.


java. lang. String

The table(s) for which to return change data. Names are case-sensitive. If a value is not specified for Database you must use fully qualified table names. You may specify multiple tables as a list separated by semicolons or with the following wildcards in the table name only (not in the database name):

  • %: any series of characters

  • _: any single character

For example, my.% would include all tables in the my database.

If any specified tables are missing MySQLReader will issue a warning. If none of the specified tables exists, start will fail with a "found no tables" error.


java. lang. String

the login name for the user created as described in MySQL setup