Striim 3.9.4 / 3.9.5 documentation

Installing the HP NonStop JDBC driver for SQL/MX

To read from or write to HP NonStop SQL/MX tables using DatabaseReader or DatabaseWriter, the HP NonStop JDBC driver must be present in the present in Striim's Java classpath.


Do not install drivers for multiple versions of SQL/MX on the same Striim server. If you need to write to multiple versions of SQL/MX, install their drivers on different Striim servers and run each version's applications on the appropriate Striim server(s).

  1. Follow the instructions in the "Installing and Verifying the Type 4 Driver" section of HPE NonStop JDBC Type 4 Driver Programmer's Reference for SQL/MX for the SQL/MX version you are running to copy the driver .tar file from the HP NonStop system with the tables that will be read to a client workstation and untar it. Do not install the driver.

  2. Copy the t4sqlmx.jar file from the untarred directory to striim/lib or Agent/lib.

  3. Stop and restart Striim (see Starting and stopping Striim).