Striim 3.9.4 / 3.9.5 documentation


Flows define what data an application receives, how it processes the data, and what it does with the results.

Flows are made up of several kinds of components:

  • sources to receive real-time event data from adapters

  • streams to define the flow of data among the other components

  • windows to bound the event data by time or count

  • continuous queries to filter, aggregate, join, enrich, and transform the data

  • caches of historical, or reference data to enrich the event data

  • WActionStores to populate the built-in reports and visualizations and persist the processed data

  • targets to pass data to external applications

An application may contain multiple flows to organize the components into logical groups. See MultiLogApp for an example.

An application is itself a flow that can contain other flows, so when an application contains only a single flow, it does not need to be explicitly created. See PosApp for an example.