Striim 3.9.4 / 3.9.5 documentation

File lineage in readers and writers

Enabling file lineage causes Striim to track the names of files or other objects that the following adapters read from or write to:

  • FileReader

  • HDFSReader

  • MultiFileReader

  • OracleReader (redo log files)

  • S3Reader

  • AzureBlobWriter

  • FileWriter

  • HDFSWriter

  • S3Writer

You may view the tracked history in the console using the SHOW <source or target name> LINEAGE command (see Console commands) or in Flow Designer by clicking the source or target and View File Lineage.

With file lineage enabled, when a writer is restarted, writing resumes to the next file in the series (see Setting output names and rollover / upload policies). When it is not enabled, writing restarts from the beginning of the series, overwriting existing output files.